Purple Community Fund: Elaine Moores is acting as a co-ordinator and asking you to collect RINGPULLS from drinks cans. When they eventually get to her she will be sending them to the PURPLE COMMUNITY FUND in Southampton. It is a charitable trust set up by a British lady after seeing the deprivation amongst poor families in the Philippines. (Originally called the Philippines Community Fund). The ring pulls are taken once a year by container to the Philippines, distributed amongst the families to make into goods which are then sold to the western world. This stops the children and adults scavenging on the refuse tips and endangering their health and leaving no time for education or other work.

Together with corporate fundraising the profits are then used to support school, health and welfare projects. As an example they have built a 4 storey school building by upcycling old shipping containers to benefit 500 Filipino children.

The website is www.p-c-f.org,  www.ringpull.org   (the shop site) and Facebook PCF. There is the complete story there in photos.

We all know cafes/schools/factories which sell drinks in cans....all we have to do is ask them to collect the RINGPULLS...can you help in any way? It costs NOTHING and helps many.

Please give them to me directly

Yorkshire & Great Northern Air Ambulance:  We hold raffles throughout the year to raise monies for these two charities all monies raised being divided between The Great Northern & Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service. Some of our members also raise money for the charity, you can also donate at our meets.