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Motor Caravan Section

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The Camping and Caravanning Club

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 Like most DA's and Sections we have a FB page and this is used to promote future meets or let you know of cancelled or changes to meets.

Our Facebook page has now been updated for privacy, so if you wish to be kept informed. To join our FB group please use the Contact Us form we will need your name/membership number to confirm your membership. You will then receive an email inviting you to join our group by clicking on the link provided.

To view our facebook page you will need to have a Facebook account, so you will need to subscribe to FB (it is up to you how much you get involved with social networking)

Our FB group is operated as Green Paper 5.2 v12

 Business Advertising is not allowed unless agreed with your committee and will be removed.

Personal arguments or inappropriate remarks are not permitted and offenders could be suspended or removed from the group and may be carried out without warning, any abusive language or posts will be removed. Any member found to be blocking Admin will be removed without warning.

Self-promotion, spam, irrelevant links are not allowed.

Promotion of meets is restricted to C&CC events if unsure please ask before posting.